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May, 19 2018
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GEP Ecotech offers customized shredding and crushing/granulating solutions. The solutions provided by GEP are well recognized by customers and are widely used in the treatment and recycling of various solid wastes.

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Electronic Shredding Laws and Regulations Checklist

Electronic hard drives & other electronic media need to be properly disposed of not only to prevent identity theft, but to avoid breaking the law. Make yourself familiar with these laws & regulations when it comes to electronic shredding in MA, VT, CT, ME, NY & NJ. Privacy Legislation Compliance: Does Your ... - Shred-it Mar 08, 2016 · Hard Drive Destruction Service. ... 5 new privacy laws went into effect in California alone this past January. ... Instead, there’s a patchwork of federal and state laws and regulations as well as self-regulatory guidelines and best practices developed by governmental agencies and industry groups.

Irvine Secure Shred

Irvine Secure Shred will get you cost-effective shredding service options for your private business and personal documents. We understand the desire to protect your private papers, and for every organization to meet California and federal privacy regulations. Answers to The Top 5 Hard Drive Shredding Questions Hard drives and other digital devices store enormous volumes of sensitive data. In this blog, we answer the top five hard drive shredding questions. Q: Why do I need to shred my hard drives? A: Careless disposal of hard drives causes several problems. First, hard drives taken from a trash or recycling bin can lead to data theft.

Hard Drive Shredding & Media Destruction Services

The Shred Truck's hard drive and media destruction service protects your customers and employees from identity theft and helps keep your business compliant with federal privacy laws. We shred your media into indecipherable, impossible-to-reconstruct pieces on ... Follow FACTA Regulations With Proper Shredding Practices May 30, 2018 · It can sometimes be hard to keep track of all the rules and regulations in terms of shredding, especially when it applies to FACTA regulations. That’s where Shred With Us comes in handy. Shred With Us offers all manner of shredding services including: off-site shredding, drop off shredding services, local paper shredding, local shredding ...

Government Compliance for Data Destruction

How to Determine if a Shredding Company Is Secure. The current regulations have forced destruction companies to become even more secure. If a shredding company does not comply with all federal and state destruction laws they can be fined and will damage their reputation. There are many steps shredding companies take to establish compliance ... Hard Drive Destruction - Pittsburgh Shredding Service Most hard drive shredding services cost about $4-$12 per drive. The cost incurred go towards completely covering electronic assets. Don’t forget all of the hidden hard drives in your office. Copy machines and fax machines also have hard drives that must be shredded before it is sent off to the recyclers.

Hard Drive Destruction

Most hard drive shredding services cost about $4-$12 per drive. The cost incurred go towards completely covering electronic assets. Don’t forget all of the hidden hard drives in your office or home. Copy machines and fax machines also have hard drives that must be shredded before it is sent off to be recycled. Destruction & Degaussing Equipment | Physical Destruction Our hard drive shredders were designed to physically destroy computer hard disks, copier hard drives, back-up tapes, DVD's & assorted e-waste. These shredders can be stationary or installed in trucks for mobile hard drive shredding with capabilities that range from 45 to 2400 drives per hour. Custom models and different shred widths are also ...

Hard Drive Destruction & Media Shredding Services

We send electronic waste only to e-waste recycling vendors and partners that observe federal and state regulations. To learn more about our hard drive, media and tape destruction services, please call us at 504-885-0186 or complete the form on this page. NIST 800-88 Hard Drive Destruction - E-Waste Security NIST 800-88 describes three methods for sanitizing hard disk drives, 1) erasing, 2) degaussing and 3) shredding. NIST 800-88 considers physically shredding hard drives the most secure form of data destruction and should be used for all levels of confidential information. The decision to erase or physically destroy hard drives should be based on your organization’s policies and ...

Detroit Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drive destruction can be done on site or at a secure plant. The pieces are then melted down for metal recycling. This is absolute destruction. Don’t forget all of the hidden hard drives in your office. Copy machines and fax machines also have hard drives that must be shredded before it is sent off to be recycled. Information Security & Laws, Standards & Regulations Powerful shredding machines that can quickly destroy large volumes of paper, using cross-cut shredding methodology. A range of shred size "levels" available, allowing your organization to match a shred size to the type of documents being destroyed. A policy that allows you to view the full document destruction process.


For hard drives, the physical destruction of the hard drive platters is the only way to ensure complete destruction of the drives and the information that has been recorded on the drives. More individuals and businesses are removing and destroying their hard drives and the information they contain before they recycle or throw out your their ... Data Disposal Laws Jan 04, 2019 · Overview. Personal identifying information is often collected by businesses and government and is stored in various formats--digital and paper. At least 35 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico have enacted laws that require either private or governmental entities or both to destroy, dispose, or otherwise make personal information unreadable or indecipherable.

New Federal Regulations for Electronic Waste Disposal Will

New Federal Regulations for Electronic Waste Disposal Will Change the Disposition Process Steve Neilly, CRM Hardware upgrades are a fact of life regardless of your industry, and with them comes the need to deal with electronic waste such as disposed hard drives... Hard Drive Destruction - New Brunswick Shredding Service New Brunswick Shredding Service’s network offers hard drive destruction services that can be done at your location or at a secure plant in Middlesex. Your hard drive is completely shredded, and the pieces are melted down for metal recycling. This is total destruction. There are mainly three reasons why hard drive shredding is a better solution.

Privacy Laws and Document Disposal

A trusted, local a information destruction partner can help your business adhere to these federal regulations and local and state laws. Richards & Richards offers shredding and destruction services for businesses throughout Nashville. For more information about our shredding services, please call us at 615-242-9600 or complete the form on this ... Document Shredding - Federal Laws Compliance - Strongbox Government regulations and legislation have enacted laws that require documents containing sensitive customer information be completely destroyed rather than merely disposed of. Strongbox Document Destruction makes it very simple and affordable to comply with these laws by providing you with confidential paper shredding services.

Hard Drive Shredding & Media Destruction Services in

Non-compliance with local, state and federal privacy regulations can result in severe legal and financial repercussions. DeVries helps your business build a compliant shredding strategy. Our hard drive shredding and media destruction service meets the data disposal requirements of the following laws: Hard Drive Destruction - Trenton Shredding & Records Storage This must be done in order to be compliant with New Jersey and federal privacy laws. That’s because digital files are fully recoverable from an old hard drive, even if you’ve wiped the hard drive clean of your files. ... To learn more about hard drive shredding, simply fill out the form on the left or give us a call at (609) 920-0306 ...

6 Reasons Why Hard Drive Shredding is Important

May 28, 2020 · The company can be restricted by the state, local, and federal privacy laws, and they should dispose of the entire data from hard drives. The hard drive shredding company must have enough knowledge and experience to remove data with laws and regulations. Data Destruction Services, On-Site Hard Drive Shredding Satisfactory on-site hard drive shredding-When the procedure is completed in your business premises it gives you visual satisfaction of the work done fast and without any chance of a fault trustworthy off-site hard drive shredding- Even if the shredding procedure is conducted in the warehouses it is done under CCTV, 24/7 security and digital ...

Data Destruction Standards

SLS Germany uses shredding technology that complies with the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz), as well as the new DIN-66399 regulations up to security levels H4 / H5. On-Site Hard Drive Destruction – A Smart Idea. The Shredders - The Shredders | Provide secure shredding Our Ameri-Shred shredder destroys solid state drives, including cell phones, flash drives, mother boards, scan discs, etc. as well as hard drive destruction. Our advanced technology can destroy up to 650 drives per hour. These services are available for mobile on-site destruction if needed.

Legal Document Shredding Services

TITAN Shredding is dedicated to helping law firms and attorneys dispose of and shred legal documents, media and hard drives properly. We make certain your law office stays in compliance throughout the entire process. Regulations to Follow Paper Shredding Service - Albuquerque Shredding Service We will connect you with affordable shredding options for your sensitive business information in Albuquerque. We understand your need to protect your private records, and for every organization to comply with New Mexico and federal privacy regulations like FACTA, SOX, and HIPAA.

Data Protection, Laws & Regulations | Blog | Shred-it AU

Jan 25, 2021 · Ensuring your business adheres to data protection laws and regulations will save you time and money. Learn more about data protection today with Shred-it. ... Paper Shredding and Hard Drive Destruction Pricing Resource Centre Over 170 service centres in Australia and around the world. ... Hard Drive Destruction. Electronic Media Destruction: Secure ... - Gator Shredding Contact our staff to arrange a shredding appointment, and our trained technicians will arrive to safely destroy your hard drives and remove the pieces for recycling. As with all our shredding services, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction verifying that your data has been destroyed according to all legal and federal privacy regulations ...

General Data Protection Regulation. Applies to Australian

Apr 30, 2018 · The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will soon usher in the most significant changes in global data privacy regulation to date, applying to all businesses, anywhere in the world, which process information about EU citizens. Let Shred ... Federal Regulations for Shredding Hard-Drive Data Aug 16, 2017 · Federal Regulations for Shredding Hard-Drive Data. Posted on August 16, 2017 August 18, 2017 by adWhite SM. Contrary to what most people know, complete data destruction is more than simple deletion of files and clearing the recycle bin in a computer. While the data may not be visible, it is still accessible on your hard drive and vulnerable to ...

Document Shredding Policy

Having a document shredding policy in place with employee training and a shred-all policy will virtually eliminate the chance of a potentially devastating security breach or violation of any privacy laws. Employees no longer have to waste time with reviewing documents to decide if they should or should not be shredded. Certified Hard Drive Destruction Services | Access Secure Destruction One-time or ongoing document shredding and media destruction services. Paper Shredding One-time or ongoing secure paper shredding services for businesses. Electronic Media & Hard Drive Destruction Secure and certified destruction services for electronic media. Chain of Custody Proof of protection every step of the way.

Secure File Shredding for Companies and Residential Files

We record and sign off all Hard Drive Serial Numbers as destroyed. WHY SHRED? Australian laws have changed and businesses and individuals who use and store consumer data should manage their information and data destruction in a safe, secure and reliable manner to comply with legislative requirements. Australian Privacy Laws Explained | SDDC Do not allow you to witness any security shredding through "Witnessed Destruction" Use other companies to do the actual destruction and therefore cannot maintain privacy control Do not provide a Certificate of Destruction

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