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Aug, 18 2019
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GEP Ecotech offers customized shredding and crushing/granulating solutions. The solutions provided by GEP are well recognized by customers and are widely used in the treatment and recycling of various solid wastes.

Compared with our competitors, GEP's equipment advantages are durability and reliability, while taking into account cost performance.

The solutions we provide have a wide range of material applicability and high production capacity, which have been widely proven all over the world.

We have a wealth of product information and customer cases, you are welcome to contact us to obtain them. We design plans and manufacturing equipment based on the types of materials. We cannot give a quotation online. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Stainless Steel, 55 Gallon Drums, Drum Crusher

Offers 55 gallon drums, drum crushers, and stainless steel drums as well as rolling stairs, hydraulic lift tables, self dumping hoppers, forklift attachments, and electric pallet jacks. Fluorescent Bulb Crusher 55 Gallon In-Drum Compactor. Save money by compacting the contents of 55 gallon drums. ... Provides mobility for the drum and Fluorescent Bulb Crusher • 55 Gallon Drums • Replacement Filter Kits • Replacement Spinner Assembly. Specifications. Machine Type: Straight, U-Bend, and CFL Lamp Crusher: Capacity of 4' T12 Lamps* 875 per drum:

Dispose of Empty 55 Gallon Drums Easily With The Vestil

That’s why at HOF Equipment, we highly recommend the use of a Vestil drum crusher to maximize usable floor space. The HDC-905-IDC is an efficient, easy-to-use machine that can crush a 55 gallon drum down to just 6” high in 18 seconds. The crushed drums can then be easily stored or even stacked on a pallet for transport to a disposal facility. Highly Robust steel drum shredder - About product and suppliers: One often hears the concept of going green but seldom finds ways easy enough to do it. brings forth easy access of steel drum shredder to everyone that make the task of crushing huge materials extremely easy. These steel drum shredder run on minimal electricity and are easy to operate in their functionality. . Latest technological ...

Drum Agitators

Rotary vane air motors are known for durability and a low initial pneumatic agitator motors run the most efficiently at medium to high speeds. Radial piston air motors consume up to 80 percent less air than rotary vane skystorage.placturers with moderate budgets can easily upgrade to radial piston agitators, which run the most efficiently at low to medium speeds. Drum Crusher - Waste Initiatives WastePac Drum Crusher. Waste Initiatives Drum Crushers are robustly built units with great functionality – ensuring fast & easy crushing of your steel drums. Drum Crushers are suitable for sizes up to 205L, and are equipped with drum piercing spikes and a 30L oil retention tank to capture any residue.


DRUM CRUSHER – MODEL SL55. The SL 55 Drum Crusher has been carefully engineered for rugged industrial service and durability at a reasonable price. It crushes 55 gallon steel drums to 4-6 inches in 35 seconds! It also excels at crushing smaller drums and cans. This drum crusher is designed to be used as an attachment on a skid steer. DP16 - Strong Drum Crusher for up to 55 gallon drums Yes, you can. Our drum press is designed to compress oil drums and other drums without explosive contents. It is suitable for drums up to 200 litres. Spikes in the press plate puncture the drum and remove air for a compaction ratio of up to 90 pct.


CONTACT INFO. Address: PO Box 507 2999 North Wayne St Angola, Indiana 46703 USA; Phone: 1.260.665.7586 Email: Hydraulic Drum Crusher/Compactors - Product Page Crushing feature will work with any drum size up to 55-gallons. Compacting feature will only work with 55-gallon drums. This convenient design gives you two pieces of equipment in one. Safety features include a pressure relief valve, which prevents overload, and a double door latch to secure the door when crushing.

Waste Compaction and Crushing Equipment 2021

Newstripe’s complete line of Pack-Master™ in-drum waste compacting equipment and Big Squeeze™ pail, can, and filter crushing machine are the ideal solutions to reduce waste volume and increase recycling revenues for any operation. They will save you money by eliminating hazardous material disposal, increase your income from selling recyclable materials, and ... Fluorescent Light Bulb Crushing Recycling Machine Eliminate storage hassles- Reduce your needed storage space for lamps by crushing over 1350 T8 4' lamps per 55-gallon drum (The Bulb Eater® crushes all length lamps.. Reduce handling - Handle your spent bulbs once. Simply roll your Bulb Eater® lamp crushing system on a 55-gallon drum dollie (sold separately) to the work area or into a storage area.

Drum Handling Fork Truck Attachments in Dubai Drum Trucks

SINGLE DRUM CLAMP •Robust construction for demanding industrial environments •Certified in accordance with BS EN ISO 12100 •Designed for handling standard 205 litre steel drums, max weight 500Kg Drum tilter (crank handle) Drum Handling DRUM TILTER (CRANK HANDLE) •Designed to slide onto the forks of a fork truck to handle 210 litre steel drums. Plastic Bottle Crusher – Reduce. Waste. Volume. One Gallon Jug Crusher MODEL 5000. The 5000 is a big, strong crusher for: Plastic jugs, bottles and cartons up to a size of one gallon or 5 L, Aluminum drink cans (eg soft drink cans and beer cans), small steel food cans. Crush these all horizontally in two easy steps.

Drum Lifters & Drum Handling

ENPAC POLY-OVERPACK® 95, 65, 30 AND 20 GALLON SALVAGE DRUMS. Displaying 1 - 30 of 86 ... Drum Washer Crushers | Our Drum Washer Crushers systems will wash & crush a 55 gallon drum down to 2.5" in height greatly reducing storage space requirements and transport fees. These systems include an internal recirculation tank system. External recirculation tanks can be added to the systems. Heavy duty construction, all structural components are made with steel.

55 Gallon Drums, Drum Crusher, Dumper, Stainless Steel Drums

Offers drum dumpers and crushers as well as 55 gallon stainless steel drums, rolling stairs, hydraulic lift tables, self dumping hoppers, forklift attachments, and electric pallet jacks. RAM FLAT Drum Crushers & its Models - RAM FLAT For the heaviest and most demanding volume – the 55A will crush a 55-gallon drum down to 3.5 inches tall! This is a continuous use machine capable of operating around the clock every day. Model 85AR Drum Crusher For 85-gallon drum and smaller, the 85AR is a larger twin of the 55A with a chamber body wide enough to accommodate overpack drums.


• Packaged in 50 lb. weatherproof bags and 55 gallon drums. • Ideal for roads, streets, parking lots, driveways, and other pavement surfaces. Sizes Available. 50 lb. Bag, 55 Gallon Drum. Coverage. One 50 lb. bag of PatchMaster™ cold patch will cover approximately 5 square feet at 1″ depth or 2.5 square feet at 2″ depth. Steel Drum Crusher, 55 Gallon Drum Crusher Baler - SINOBALER A 55 gallon steel drum crusher is designed with the technology of crushing the whole drum in very small size. So that can be the move to desire place against the very low carriage. Though wastage gallons are used for maintaining traffic, crafting, artificial drain etc., but to reuse of this steel gallons to make the same product again is very ...

AIR CYCLE Bulb Crusher Item, Linear Fluorescents For Use

Light bulb crushers fit on top of a 55-gal. drum and have a chute for feeding fluorescent light bulbs into the crusher. The units crush the bulbs completely, and they have a filter that captures and neutralizes mercury and other contaminants released during the crushing process. Smash-It™ Pneumatic 55-Gallon In-Drum Compactor - Air Cycle The Smash-It™ pneumatic compactor compresses waste into a 55-gallon drum. The Smash-It™ can compact many types of waste, saving on disposal costs and required space. Smash-It™ is available in models with 3,400 or 6,000 lbs of compacting force.

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