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Aug, 20 2021
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GEP Ecotech offers customized shredding and crushing/granulating solutions. The solutions provided by GEP are well recognized by customers and are widely used in the treatment and recycling of various solid wastes.

Compared with our competitors, GEP's equipment advantages are durability and reliability, while taking into account cost performance.

The solutions we provide have a wide range of material applicability and high production capacity, which have been widely proven all over the world.

We have a wealth of product information and customer cases, you are welcome to contact us to obtain them. We design plans and manufacturing equipment based on the types of materials. We cannot give a quotation online. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Greg Hageman. Bike Designer. I grew up on a farm in rural Iowa and picked up a wrench at an early age. Growing up on the farm I learned the value of being able to fix and repair things with limited tools and resources. I’ve always seen the beauty in all things mechanical and the extreme engineering that goes into some of the most simple things we take for granted. Eriez Products Eriez recycling products apply in diverse applications--from municipal solid waste and shredded automobiles--to high-grade plastics and electronic scrap. Fluid Recycling Eriez fluid recycling equipment maximizes coolant effectiveness and longevity enabling companies to ...

Eriez Products

Eriez Products. Eriez designs, develops, manufactures and markets magnetic separation, metal detection and materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment for more than 80 process and metalworking industries. Reinventing the Wheel NASA Glenn engineers thought their work on Spring Tires might be a new and better solution for exploration rovers on Mars. So, they set about developing several Spring Tire prototypes to improve: traction in soft sand; durability; and reduce overall ...

40+ Creative DIY Garden Containers and Planters from Recycled

They are great recycling projects to make low-cost and unique garden planters to decorate your home. Let’s get started! 1. Turn Old Tires into Cute Shaped Planters. These teacup tire planters are so adorable and fun to make. They look fantastic in your ... KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT is one of eleven "Universities of Excellence" in Germany. Research University in the Helmholtz Association. KIT is the only German University of Excellence that combines a long university tradition with large-scale national research. Young Scientists Prospective Students. ... Start-up Support for Prospective Engineers.

10 Best Microcontroller Boards For Hobbyists And Engineers

This one is relatively new and sort of less known of than most of the boards on our list. But make no mistake, this board will make its market because for 10$ you can get a board 32-bit ARM cortex running at 24MHZ with 8kb of RAM. Since the board is ... Geocycle doubles co-processing capabilities with Untha shredder - RECYCLING Global waste management specialist Geocycle has doubled the capacity of its co-processing facility in Costa Rica, following the investment in an UNTHA waste shredder. 01.07.2021. The XR3000C is now operational in Geocycle Costa Rica – a ...

Waste Oil Recycling Machine

China Waste Oil Recycling Machine catalog of Environmental Friendly Used Waste Engine Oil Recycling to Diesel Machine, Waste Oil to Diesel Distillation Plant, Industrial Rectification Atmosphere Waste Engine Oil Refining Plant Used Black Engine Oil Recovery Car Motor Oil Treatment provided by China manufacturer - Kinetic (Hubei) Energy Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., page1. Design for Recycling ISRI To be eligible for ISRI’s Design for Recycling® Award, a company’s product(s) must be designed/redesigned and manufactured to:. Contain the maximum amount of materials that are recyclable. Be easily recycled through current or newly designed recycling processes and procedures. Be cost effective to recycle, whereby the cost to recycle does not exceed the value of its recycled materials.

Home • OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc.

Welcome to OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc.'s home page. Skip to content An ISO 9001 Registered Company! | Call Us Today! | 706.235.9781 | Contact Us! | Request a Quote! Recycle everything with TerraCycle® TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle materials. They offer a range of free programs, as well as recycling solutions available for purchase for almost every form of waste. Eliminating the Idea of Waste

A Big Bang for Plastic Recycling

Everyone is a recycler. You can start or join one of these Precious Plastic spaces in your town and start tackling the plastic problem. Right now! Learn more about Precious Plastic spaces. Member. Collection. Recycling Workspace. Machine Shop. Community Point. Everyone is a recycler. Steps to Starting a Tire-Shredding Business


TIRE REPAIRS. TRUSTED BY TECHNICIANS SINCE 1939, TECH DELIVERS THE WORLD’S HIGHEST QUALITY TIRE REPAIRS AND WHEEL SERVICE PRODUCTS. TECH is the global tire & wheel authority that revolutionized the industry with the creation of cold vulcanization technology. That legacy of innovation continues today with TECH’s world-class lineup of tire ... Home - Enterprise Data Erasure We Are Erasure Software Manufacturers. Leveraging over 20 years of storage engineering experience in test and development, our erasure software is unlike any on the market. Our ADISA certified erasure software provides a level of innovation unrivaled in the industry with responsive technical support to ...

Recycling Today

News and information for recycling professionals on paper recycling, plastics, ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal, electronic scrap and additional secondary commodities, solid waste industry, associations, industry regulations and more. Industrial Shredder Manufacturer SSI Shredding Systems SSI Shredding Systems designs & manufactures 1, 2, 3 and 4-shaft industrial shredders & systems, primary reducers and transfer station compactors. For nearly 40 years we have manufactured thousands of systems, from the simple to the unique. We are a group of highly dedicated and talented engineers, designers, and technicians.

Garbage and Recycling

605 Rossland Road East, Whitby, Ontario L1N 6A3. Telephone: 905-697-5300. Toll-Free: 1-800-667-5671. Email the Waste Management Division. Design, Build and Test Your Own Landfill - Activity - TeachEngineering Engineers design landfills to contain waste from many types of anthropogenic (human-generated) sources. The garbage comes from many places, including household trash cans, worn-out tires, sludge from wastewater treatment plants, old couches, and scrap metal. The main challenge for engineers ...

Graywater disposal system kit is simple for the do-it-yourselfer

But understand that The Natural Home is not an engineering firm; we do not provide any engineering services, soil testing or on-site work. drywell with leach pit versus leach field. Drywells (one kit included with disposal system) are excellent for use with greywater recycling systems. JYQQ-1200 Tire Sidewall Cutter Used Tire Recycling Application. This Tire Sidewall Cutter is designed to cut tire sidewall off from old Tires which no bigger than 1200mm in diameter, each time cut off one tire sidewall only, and cut off one sidewall is better than cut off two sidewalls for next step of using JYQT-38 Tire Strip Cutter to cut tire tread and tire sidewall into 3-5cm wide tire ...

AO Plastics

Call 847-956-8777 For All Your Commercial Plastic Recycling & Service Needs. Alpha Omega Plastics - servicing Chicago and the Midwest for over 40 years. Alpha Omega Plastics provides full commercial and industrial plastic recycling services, including ... Scrap Tire News: Tire and Rubber Recycling News and Information Scrap Tire News has provided tire recycling professionals with the latest tire and rubber recycling news and information since 1986. Published monthly, the newsletter features product and equipment developments, legislative news and cutting-edge research and innovations.

Call Toll Free: 1-888-736-2519 International Calls: 1-865-408-7315 Home - Rubber World - The Technical Service Magazine for the The machine offers expanded testing capabilities and parameters for tensile, compression, bend, peel, shear, tear and cyclic tests. Its high-force load frame has a load capacity up to 250 kN and vertical test space of 1,430 millimeters (56.3 inches).

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