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May, 31 2020
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GEP Ecotech offers customized shredding and crushing/granulating solutions. The solutions provided by GEP are well recognized by customers and are widely used in the treatment and recycling of various solid wastes.

Compared with our competitors, GEP's equipment advantages are durability and reliability, while taking into account cost performance.

The solutions we provide have a wide range of material applicability and high production capacity, which have been widely proven all over the world.

We have a wealth of product information and customer cases, you are welcome to contact us to obtain them. We design plans and manufacturing equipment based on the types of materials. We cannot give a quotation online. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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intimus 175 CP7 Security Shredder

The 175 CP7 is one of the fastest high security shredders on the market, shredding 11 sheets per pass and 29 reams of paper per hour. It shreds 2,000 sheets of paper more per hour than any other shredder in the Security Level 6/P-7 marketplace. The intimus 175 CP7 has been the shredder of choice for the DOD and DOS for many years, as evidenced by the thousands of 175 ... Max - 1208F - Staples 2,000s - STAPLERS & STAPLES - OFFICE 2,000s Applicable For : TG-A˙TG-D˙TG-HC 10 box/ctn

Industrial Wood Waste Shredding & Compacting

Cycloidal Drive with 500% Shock Load. Don’t judge a drive strictly by the motor’s horsepower, especially when you plan to process heavy industrial materials. A high shock load rating is important in giving the compactor the ability to crush through large loads without damage to ... GBC Alpha Ribbon Straight Cut Document Shredder GBC Alpha Ribbon Document Shredder Smart and functional, the Alpha straight cut home shredder is ideal for the light home user and day-to-day shredding. The Alpha shredder is a great value quality home shredder. Features: 7.25 mm Ribbon cut strips, the P-1 security level for everyday documents; Maximum 5-6 sheets of paper per pass*

intimus 175 CP4 Office Shredder

If your office shreds thousands of pages of documents on a regular basis, the intimus 175 CP4 is the ideal shredding solution. One of the fastest shredders on the market, the 175 CP4 can handle 38 to 50 sheets per minute, with a total throughput of more than two 500 ... Intimus 434SE 668-4C CrossCut German 2HP Industrial Paper Intimus 434SE BROCHURE (PDF) - HERE Know What You are Buying. We typically take the time to post actual pictures of the unit you are buying; We also typically take the time to thoroughly test the units we are selling ; Buy with CONFIDENCE from a reputable seller with 10 Years experience ; WARRANTY-BUYER will enjoy a full performance warranty ...


Shredder Type: Page Capacity: Shredder Width mm: Security Level: Shred Speed m/sec: Dimensions mm (HxWxD) EBA 2127S: Strip Cut: Up to 20 pages: 4mm: P2: 0.10: 870 X 500 X 377: EBA 2127C: Cross Cut: Up to 15 pages: 4 X 40mm: P4: 0.10: 870 X 500 X 377: EBA 2127C: Cross Cut: Up to 10 pages: 2 X 40mm: P5: 0.10: 870 X 500 X 377 Intimus 60 CC6 High Security Shredder - Intimus Shredder The Best Data Disposal Option For Modern Offices: Intimus 60 CC6. Intimus 60 CC6 High Security Shredder is the ultimate secure document shredding solution by Intimus. This paper shredder has virtually every quality to make it the very best: high security, durability, and a ...

Jual Projector SONY VPL-FWZ60 Murah

Jual Projector SONY VPL-FWZ60 Terbaru dengan Harga Murah dan Bergaransi Resmi. Kirim Aman dan Cepat. Sedia Jasa Teknisi. Intimus Flash EX - Paper Handling Equipment Intimus Flash EX Media destruction Suitable for any office environment, using standard power low noise with no dust. The FlashEx has a specially designed solid cutting head which grabs the material with specially designed claw like cutting cylinders pulling material into the unit.

Intimus 16.86 Industrial Shredder Baler Combo 6mm x 5mm

The shredder part of the 16.86 comes completely assembled so install takes just 1/3 the time. This shredder/baler comes pre-assembled which saves time for the on-site labor For decades, the intimus heavy duty shredders have proven to be centrally positioned pieces of equipment for the privacy-friendly disposal of disused media. intimus 16.50S - Glendale intimus 16.50S High performance industrial shredder for very high volumes. This powerful industrial shredder for 3-phase power supply ensures data security in archives or as a central point for document shredding.

Paper Shredders Singapore

GBC Home Shredder ShredMaster-X312-SL Cross Cut 13 Sheets 021156 5 x 42 mm Confetti cut, P-3 security level for general documents Maximum 12-13 sheets of paper .. Intimus 16.50 1/2" Strip Cut Industrial Shredder The Intimus 16.50 industrial paper shredder features a high power, thermally protected 7.5 KW geared electric motor which guarantees optimum cutting performance via the wear resistant, high grade steel cutting rollers. Simple operation with clear function displays: foil keyboard and operational status display as well as master and key and more businesses are ...

Intimus 32 CC3 A4 Size Paper Shredder, Departmental

Pitney Bowes India Private Limited - Offering Intimus 32 CC3 A4 Size Paper Shredder, Departmental Shredder, Paper shredder, पेपर श्रेडरिंग मशीन in Gurgaon, Haryana. Get best price and read about company. Get contact details and address| ID: 10583544730 Intimus 14.95 Cross Cut 1/4'' x 2'' Shredder The Intimus 14.95 heavy duty shredder has all the features you expect from a heavy duty shredder and a few new features for secure shredding. The two most striking new features of the Intimus 14.95 are its portability and anti-jam system. Designed to fit through standard office doorways, our shredder truly does what the competition cannot. The other unique feature is the Intimus ...

SSD Flash Memory Shredder — DestructData, Inc.

The Intimus FlashEx is the only safe and reliable way to protect and destroy your sensitive multimedia and digital formats at the point of generation. The FlashEx Shredder destroys: Solid State Drives (SSD) [up to 100 / hr] Smart phones [up to 100 / hr] USB Sticks [up to 500 / hr] Mini Tablets (up to 170 mm width) Various optical media [up to ... Paper Shredder Machine - Intimus Paper Shredder Paper crusher machine of all capacities for offices,factories,warehouses is available with SASCO 1)Small Category- The GBC Prostyle+ An Elegant, Silent and powerful paper crusher machine for small offices, slim design and CD destroyer too, that you would want in a small office shredder. 2)Medium CAtegory- The Intimus heavy duty shredder is a ...

Pitney Bowes Intimus 16.5

Heavy Duty Shredder suitable for big organization having a large volume of important documents to shred. It can be used in destruction of documents, files, production waste, pet bottles, packaging material etc. and are extensively used in defense, corporate and universities. Intimus FlashEx Professional Flash Media Shredder Tiger For overall data protection and privacy of any organization, the Intimus FlashEx Professional Flash Media Shredder enables instant and total destruction of digi. Visit Our Location. 27 Selvage St. Irvington NJ 07111. FREE Shipping. On Many Items! Best Price Guarantee.

intimus 120 CP7 Security Shredder

The intimus 120 CP7 Security Shredder is considered the benchmark by which other high security shredders are judged. Listed on the NSA/CSS EPL list, this Top Security shredder handles 17 reams of paper per hour, with 6 to 9 sheets per pass, making it the largest volume per hour shredder listed by the NSA. Intimus 60 SP2 - Trade Scanners Intimus shredder 60 SP2 shredder 60SP2 shredder Intimus 60 Intimus SP2 60 SP2 Intimus 60 SP2 shredder Intimus 60 SP2

Intimus 175 CC Series Professional Department Shredder

The Intimus 175 CC Series Professional Department Shredder is a reliable office shredder designed for speed, efficiency and productivity. To provide maximum security and privacy for any organization, it features a 15.94-inch wide feed opening that accepts all documents and other data carrier media such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, and plastic ... intimus 16.86 Smartshred - intimus 16.86 Smartshred HEAVY DUTY SHREDDER/ BALER COMBINATION For decades, the intimus® heavy duty shredders have proven to be centrally positioned pieces of equipment for the privacy-friendly disposal of disused media. The model range offers variations that can handle up to 550 sheets/h or even complete folders in a single operation. The ...


Cross Cut Paper Shredder - Sheet capacity: 24-26 or 14-16 - Security: Medium (Level 3 or 4) - Shred speed: 25 fpm - Feed opening: 16" - Cut size: 3/16" x 1 1/2" or 3/32" x 5/8" List Price: $4599.00 Our Price: $2709.00 Read more Shredders - Straight- Cut Paper Shredder GBC Swingline cs Shredders Leading Distributor / Channel Partner of straight- cut paper shredder gbc swingline cs 25-44, gbc cross- cut shredder alpha confetti, straight-cut paper shredder mercury rds2250, paper shredding machine auto 60x, cross-cut paper shredder gbc prostyle and gbc straight cut shredder cs 30-36 from Chennai.

intimus 60 CP4 Office Shredder

Jan 04, 2018 · The intimus 60 CP4 office shredder is designed to keep up with even the busiest offices, sporting a hardened steel cutting shaft that can tear through 11 to 15 sheets of paper ... Intimus 60 CC4 Cross Cut Shredder Intimus 60 CC4: The Best Suited Machine For Paper Shredding. Intimus 60 CC4 cross cut shredder is the premium option available for an extremely secure shredding experience. This shredder has a sheet capacity of 11 sheets and a shredding rate of 14 ft/min, allowing it to fulfill the regular shredding need of a small business.

Intimus 502 HS (0.8 x 12 mm) Paper Shredder

Intimus 502 HS (0.8 x 12 mm) paper shredder, Intimus 502 HS (0.8 x 12 mm) customer reviews, Trade Shredders offer the lowest prices on paper shredders from Fellowes, Swordfish, Rexel, Intimus, Martin Yale Pitney Bowes Intimus VZ 14.00 / Level 5 The VZ 14.00 / Level 5 Shredder/Baler Combination is a heavy duty shredder for top security standards. Comprising a pre-shredder of 6 x 50 mm cutting width followed by a cross-cut shredder of 2 x 4.5 mm shred size, an hourly output of up to approx.

Intimus 3000 CC Office Paper Shredding Machines, Intimus

We offer many models on Intimus 3000 CC Office Paper Shredding Machines like a Bank Master BM 10 CD Micro Cut, Intimus 3000 CC Intimus 3000 CC, Intimus 3000 CC Intimus 3000 CC, Intimus 3000 CC Intimus 3000 CC machine at low price in Trichy. Intimus Pro 120 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder – Intimus Pro by The Intimus Pro 120 CC3 cross cut shredder provides level 3 security but has a relatively high shredding capacity, being able to reduce up to 25 sheets of paper at a time to 5/32" x 1-13/32" particles. This model also shreds staples, paper clips, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, and floppy disks. With a sturdy wooden cabinet, mobility via rollers, dust ...

JBF 100/60 2.15mm Screen (DIN level P-7

Use of a JBF Screen with a JBF Disintegrator means you can adapt your machine to different security standards and levels. A Screen's mesh aperture defines the granule size of the Disintegrator. This 2.15mm Screen will produce particles according to DIN Security Intimus Pro 60 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder - Machine-Solution Step up with the new Intimus 60CP4 office paper shredder which offers a larger waste volume capacity than the Intimus 45 models. These Intimus shredders are 4'' taller than the Intimus 45 models. These multifunctional shredders shred paper, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, staples, paper clips, and credit cards. If the operator ever jams the machine, the shredder will automatically ...

INTIMUS HDD Gladiator Hard drive Shredder

The Intimus HDD Gladiator is automatically reverse when overloading. Also, split shredding chamber for multimedia optimization. This hard drive shredder is suitable for various applications and having a security level H-4, The shredding of the hard drive is a safe and economical destruction process that ensures the data they contained is ... Paper Shredder - Manual Paper Shredder Manufacturer from Smart and functional, the Alpha cross cut home shredder is ideal for the light home user, it can shred your normal papers into small pieces, compact in design fits, snugly under the table near your feet. The Alpha shredder is a great value quality home shredder. Features . Shreds paper into small confetti pieces (4 x 38 mm) for confidential ...


Boxis AutoShred 250-Sheet Autofeed Microcut Shredder Microcut Shred Size of 4mm x 10mm; Drop in 250 Sheets into the Pin Protected Locking Tray ITIMUS 702 CC Cross Cut Shredder | ABE Online The Intimus Model 802 CC High Capacity Cross Cut paper shredder will destroy 50 to 55 at a time. The Intimus Model 802 CC has the highest capacity throughput in a 110/120 volt powered cross-cut paper shredder. Two and half HP powerhouse motor and a 45-gallon container will meet all your shredding performance. The Intimus Model 802 CC can shred ...

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