recycling waste tire powder for the recovery of oil spills

Aug, 20 2021
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Oil Spill and Oil Pollution Reports: May 1975

----- EPA-600/2-76-129 July 1976 OIL SPILL AND OIL POLLUTION REPORTS May 1975 - July 1975 by Floyd A. DeWitt, Jr., Penelope Melvin, and Robin M. Ross Marine Science Institute Unversity of California Santa Barbara, California 93106 Grant No. R803063 Project Officer J. S. Dorrler Oil & Hazardous Materials Spills Branch Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory-Cincinnati Edison, New Jersey ... Use of cork granules as an effective sustainable material to clean-up spills The use of cork granules for cleaning up crude oil or oil derivative spills and further oil recovery appears as a promising option due to their unique properties, which allow a high oil sorption capacity, low water pickup and excellent reuse. The present work reports the effect of oil viscosity on cork sorption capacity by using five types of oils (lubricating oil, 5.7 goil gcork−1; heavy ...

Wicking of light hydrophobic liquid phase from water by

Recycling waste tire powder for the recovery of oil spills. Lin. Res. Conserv. Recyl. ... A review of polymer nanofibres by electrospinning and their application in oil-water separation for cleaning up marine oil spills. Sarbatly R, Krishnaiah D, Kamin Z. Mar Pollut Bull, 106(1-2):8-16, ... Spral Painting and Coating Operations - Wisconsin DNR Certain waste types should be collected separately to allow for recycling. Used antifreeze, used oil and spent solvents can be reclaimed or potentially reused. Specific container labeling such as “waste solvents,” “used oil” or “used antifreeze” is required and will help ensure that the collected materials can be recycled.

A new recycling technique for the waste tires reuse

Introduced new recycling technique for reclaimed waste tire. • Fixed bed biofilm carriers (FBBC) are widely used for the clean-up of wastewaters. • FBBC were manufactured from existing reclaimed waste tire. • Stover-Kincannonmodel was selected as the best model for describing pollutant removal and FBSBR design in this study. (PDF) Innovations in Oil Spill Clean-up Techniques Editor CSRL - There is hence continuous spill of oil which results in devastating environmental consequences. Serious concerns have thus been raised widely on the possible environmental impact of extreme oil spills [2, 18, 33, 25, 12]. Oil spills can as well affect negatively the vast marine ecology which includes sea mammals, algae, sea grass and coral.

DeepDyve - Unlimited Access to Peer-Reviewed Journals

We regret to inform you that the publisher of this article, Elsevier, has removed their content from DeepDyve. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer options for how you might affordably access their content. Therefore we suggest you contact Elsevier directly through their customer support, or reach out to them through Twitter. ABSORPTION MATS FOR OIL DECONTAMINATION from such vehicles. In year 2006, the European Tyre Recycle Association reports that the global annual tyre waste generation stands at about one million tonnes. Considering the huge resources involved in the manufacture of this mass of tyres annually, it has become pertinent that tyres should not be considered as waste.

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2.3 Tires Recycling 11 2.3.1 Whole discarded tires 12 2.3.2 Applications of Shredded Waste Tires in Civil Construction 13 2.3.3 Recycling waste tire powder for the recovery of oil spills 15 2.4 Current Technique in Producing Crumb Rubber 16 2.4.1 Splitting/ punching of tires 17 2.4.2 Chemical Devulcanization 17 Utilization of the used tire rubber particle in hydrogen sulfide Lin C, Huang C-L, Shern C–C (2008) Recycling waste tire powder for the recovery of oil spills. Resour Conserv Recycl 52:1162–1166. Article Google Scholar 19. Boudou J-P, Chehimi M, Broniek E, Siemieniewska T, Bimer J (2003) Adsorption of H 2 S or SO 2 on an activated carbon cloth modified by ammonia treatment.


All used oil must be transported off-site in sealed containers. RECYCLE Turn old used tyresinto playground equipment. RE-USE Retread good quality, used tyres. RECOVER Do not throw CFLs away with domestic waste as they contain small quantities of mercury. In the event of breakage, special care must be taken to clean up and contain mercury powder ... Environmental Compliance Environmental Health, Safety, and Minor spills are releases of low toxicity liquids or solids not generating dangerous gases or fumes, e.g., small acid and solvent spills, hydraulic fluids, fuel oils, etc. Minor spills are limited in quantity and pose no emergency or significant threat to the safety and health of employees.

Recycling waste tire powder for the recovery of oil spills -

Ecosol costs about USD$65/kg, and the whole sale recycled waste tire powder costs only USD$0.065/kg locally. Assuming waste tire powder sorbent bags are re-used 100 times, the material cost to recover 1 ton of spilled oil is USD$0.295, compared to USD$630 for Ecosol ... SpillfiH International SpillVac SpillFiH International introduces the Recover spills of all types Minimise spillage - Transfer of products from container to container Save time — Fast and powerful Save money — recycle product thus reducing waste Safe — air powered Maintenance free — no internal moving parts Versatile — accessories available to enable use in many areas SpillVac


A method for treating fluid spills on a surface such as a roadway, shop, garage, or worksite includes placing a biodegradable absorbent material, such as coconut coir, onto the spill. Once the absorbent has absorbed the fluid spill, the absorbent along with the fluid may be safely disposed in a landfill, swept or otherwise cleaned off the surface, or simply left at the spill location. Emergency Chemical Spill Response Plan Enva Step 2: Communicate. Firstly, people in close vicinity should be advised to stay clear of the spillage. The next step is to contact an established emergency response provider who can respond rapidly to the spill. The actions taken in the first few minutes of a spillage ...

Use of cork granules as an effective sustainable material to clean

Lin C, Huang C-L, Shern C-C (2008) Recycling waste tire powder for the recovery of oil spills. Resour Conserv Recycl 52:1162–1166. Google Scholar US3703464A - Treatment of oil spills - Google Patents a process for treating petroleum product spills in disclosed, whereby coconut husk material is spread on the spill to absorb it. when the spill is on fresh or salt water in the form of a "slick", the coconut husk material coagulates the film, keeps it from sinking, and forms a mass which lends itself to easy removal from the water by mechanical pickup and the like.

Safety Data Sheet

Page: 2/9 Safety Data Sheet according to OSHA HCS (29CFR 1910.1200) Revision: May 09, 2019 Trade name: Slime Thru Core Sealant (Cont'd. of page 1) 49. 0.7 For the listed ingredient(s), the identity and/or exact percentage(s) are being withheld as a trade secret. For the wording of the listed Hazard Statements, refer to section 16. Regulatory Exclusions and Alternative Standards for the Recycling Hazardous wastes do not cease to be dangerous simply because they are being reused, recycled, or reclaimed. Many hazardous waste recycling operations may pose serious health and environmental hazards and should be subject to regulation under Subtitle C of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).. Reuse, recycling, and reclamation should be viewed as ways of managing hazardous wastes ...

Recycled, reusable storm drain filter

The filter material, called Adsorb-it and developed by Eco-Tec, Inc., one of Sustain-a-Drain’s sponsors, “adsorbs” oil, can be wrung, washed and reused. Testing by the U.S. military showed ... Guidance Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) Processed Fuel Oil (154kb) EU End-of-Waste Criteria for Scrap Iron, Steel and Aluminium (77kb) Recycled Aggregates from Inert Waste (195kb) Recycled Gypsum from Waste Plasterboard (98kb) Special waste guidance. Technical Guidance WM3 - Waste Classification: Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste (4.21mb)

Recycling waste tire powder for the recovery of oil spills -

In this paper, the possibility of applying waste tire powder as a sorbent for the recovery of spilled oil was explored. The results indicate that 2.2 g of motor oil can be adsorbed to each gram of 20 mesh tire powder. Due to its elastic property, waste tire powder is re-usable for over 100 times without decreasing its oil absorption efficiency. ‪Chitsan Lin‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬ Recycling waste tire powder for the recovery of oil spills. C Lin, CL Huang, CC Shern. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 52 (10), 1162-1166, 2008. 100: ... Multivariate statistical factor and cluster analyses for selecting food waste optimal recycling methods. C Lin, EMY Wu, CN Lee, SL Kuo. Environmental Engineering Science 28 (5 ...

Micro- and nanoporous materials capable of absorbing solvents and oils

Treatment of oil spills is an important issue for environmental science and technology. In the last decades, the environmental pollution caused by oil spills on rivers and oceans has been a great concern (Fingas 2012)skystorage.plal techniques have been developed for oil removal from water; among them are the uses of chemical dispersants and sorbents, bioremediation, skimmers, burning, etc. (Ge et al ... Managing, Reusing, and Recycling Used Oil US EPA Used oil filters pose similar waste concerns. If properly drained, they can be safely recycled or disposed. Some of the many reasons to reuse and recycle used oil include: Recycling used oil keeps it from polluting soil and water. Motor oil does not wear out—it just gets dirty—so recycling it saves a valuable resource.

Tire waste management system in Cyprus in the framework of circular economy strategy

Lin C, Huang CL, Shern CC (2008) Recycling waste tire powder for the recovery of oil spills. Resour. Conserv. Recycl. 52:1162–1166. Article Google Scholar Martinez JD, Puy N, Murillo R, García T, Navarro MV, Mastral AM (2013) Waste tyre pyrolysis—a review. Renew Sust Energ Rev 23:179–213 Resources, Conservation and Recycling Vol 52, Issue 10, Pages Application and feasibility of coal fly ash and scrap tire fiber as wood wall insulation supplements in residential buildings J.W. van de Lindt, J.A.H. Carraro, P.R. Heyliger, C. Choi Pages 1235-1240

[PDF] Tire Industry Products as an Alternative Fuel Semantic

One method for disposing of worn tires is to use them as alternative fuel. The purpose of this article is to identify ways of managing rubber waste in the countries of the European Union and defi ning the role and place of energy recovery in the economy of worn tire industry products. The Utilization of Scrap Tires as an Energy Source and Its Taiwan, a country in the subtropics, heavily depends on imported energy with over 99% of its energy imported. In this regard, scrap tires for use as an energy source has thus became attractive in the past two decades. The objective of this article is to present a comprehensive analysis of tire-to-energy in Taiwan. This article gives a concise summary of the current status of scrap tire ...

Specialty Waste Virginia DEQ

Specialty waste includes common items such as household hazardous waste (paints, cleaners, oils, batteries ... Information regarding notification and clean-up activities of leaks and spills of ... transfer stations, materials recovery facilities, etc.) and scrap metal recycling facilities handle the recovery of refrigerants and ... Suitability of devulcanized crumb rubber for oil spills remediation - Using a composite material containing waste tire powder and polypropylene fiber cut end to recover spilled oil Waste Manag. , 30 ( 2 ) ( 2010 ) , pp. 263 - 267 Article Download PDF View Record in Scopus Google Scholar

SpillfiH International SpillVac SpillFiH International introduces the

SpillfiH International SpillVac From decanting liquids, cleaning up spills, cleaning plant and equipment to storing radiator coolant, the Spilluac has a place wherever there are liquids, semi liquids and solids. Recovers spills of all types

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